“What I Mean by Balanced” – Ruth Chrisler      November 2012

This is a great article by a fellow IACP member, and a trainer who writes in a very matter-of-fact, no nonsense style about some of issues facing the dog training industry today.


Punish or Perish: The Bias That is Destroying Millions of Client Animals 

By: Gary Wilkes, DVM   

This straight forward article talks about the problem with the (unfortunately) prevailing dog training ideology that is being force fed to the American public, and that sadly results in the deaths of millions of dogs every year.  If you are thinking of hiring a dog trainer, you should read this article first!

Dogs and the “Teen” years. – January 2013

By: Lisa Caper – Dogovation Dog Training, Mill Valley, CA.

A dog’s adolescence period can be one of the most dangerous in its life.  Sadly, many dogs don’t survive this period at all.  Because of their normal behavioral changes at this point in their lives, many dogs are surrendered to animal shelters.   Lisa Caper writes about how to weather this behavioral storm.